Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning Carried out Supervision and Inspection the Prevention and Control of Key Infectious Diseases in Summer and Winter in Beijing
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


Recently, infectious diarrhea, hand-foot-mouth disease and other enteric infectious diseases have entered into high-incidence season and are prone to outbreaks in collective organizations such as kindergartens and schools. The Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning and the Municipal Education Commission organized the Municipal Center for Diseases Control and Prevention and experts from education institutions to supervise and inspect the prevention and control of key infectious diseases in 32 kindergartens and schools in 16 districts of the city from April 26 to 28, 2018 to ensure the health and safety of children and students.

In the supervision, it was found that all districts and units attached great importance to the prevention and control of infectious diseases in spring and summer, established a work mechanism for joint prevention and control, formulated work plan for relevant infectious disease prevention and control and an epidemic reporting process. Relevant institutions could carry out prevention and control for infectious diseases in accordance with laws and regulations. Against the seasonal characteristics of infectious diseases, publicity activities of prevention and control knowledge were carried out. The relevant units were able to carry out their own unique and innovative work in light of their actual conditions. In response to issues discovered during supervision, such as the implementation of work systems, for example, morning and noon inspections of some units, problems concerning the use of disinfectants, and unskilled reporting standards for epidemic diseases, supervision team experts provided on-site feedback and proposed corrective actions. In the next step, the Commission will conduct a citywide briefing on the supervision.