Second Type of Vaccination Service Price was Implemented Smoothly in Beijing
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


According to the "Decision of the State Council on Amending the Regulations on the Administration of Vaccine Circulation and Prevention of Inoculations" (No. 668 Decree of the State Council), the second type of vaccination service is guaranteed. With the approval of the municipal government, the price of the second vaccination service in Beijing was established and will be implemented in the whole city from April 1, 2018.

To ensure the smooth and orderly implementation of this work, Lei Haichao, director of the Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, presided over a special meeting to study and deploy the work. Responsible leaders directly commanded and took the initiative to communicate with the Municipal Development and Reform Commission. They organized the disease control department, finance department, public interest department and grassroots health department of the commission, the Municipal Center for Diseases Control and Prevention, propaganda center and 12320 to sort out relevant requirements and precautions of the implementation and hot issues in the society. They published the "Notice on Implementation of the Second Type of Vaccination Service Price of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning", questions and answers of policy guidance, policy tips for vaccination staff, and implement a special work countdown reporting system and daily meeting system. On March 31, the 16 districts achieved three goals of 100%, that is, 100% of the city’s inoculation staff trained on the policy, 100% of the qualified rate of the vaccination clinic fee system debugging, and 100% of the public rate of second vaccine service price at clinics.

With the joint efforts of the health and family planning committees and medical and health organizations at various levels, the immunization service fees has been implemented for one month, achieving the goal of a stable policy transition, stable social conditions and safe inoculation services.