China and Guinea Jointly Celebrated the 50th Anniversary of China Dispatching Medical Teams to Guinea
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


The 50th anniversary of China dispatching medical teams to Guinea was held on the 26th in Konak, the capital of Guinea.

Lei Haichao, director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, said in his speech that in the past 50 years, many generations of teams for medical assistance of foreign countries from Beijing have come to Guinea to carry forward the spirit of Chinese medical staff, which means “respecting life, healing the wounded and rescuing the dying, dedicating with boundless love”. The teams were dedicated to serving the Guinean people, promoting the development of health in Guinea, protecting the health of the Guinean people and winning the respect and praise of the Guinean government and people.

The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Health of Guinea stated that the Chinese medical team, which resolved the shortage of local doctors and completed the establishment of the Sino-Guinea Friendship Hospital, has made important contributions to the national health service level of Guinea. "The Guinean government expresses its sincere gratitude to China for its efforts to improve medical and health conditions of Guinea."

The Chinese ambassador to Guinea, Bian Jianqiang, remarked that since 1968, Beijing, which had assumed the task of assisting Guinea, had sent 26 batches of more than 700 medical staff. Members of each medical team had enthusiastically participated in the treatment of local patients, reflecting the good professionalism of Chinese doctors and making positive contributions to the promotion of friendship between China and Guinea. He also said that China is willing to work together with Guinea to further deepen and expand medical and health cooperation between the two countries so as to benefit the people of both countries in a better way.

During the event, the two sides will hold the China-Western Africa International Medical Forum, the Chinese Volunteer Doctors Visiting Guinea, the signing ceremony for the donation of medical equipment, the Wound Healing Center of the China-Guinea Friendship Hospital and the launching ceremony for the Chinese Training Center.