Beijing Will Enhance the Work of Preterm Infants Health Services
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


In order to implement the National Specification for Premature Infants Care, prevent and reduce the births of preterm infants in Beijing, and improve the timeliness and effectiveness of the treatment of premature infants, in 2018, the Beijing Municipal Government issued the Notice of Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning on the Implementation of Premature Infants Care (Beijing Documents for the Elderly, Women and Children [2018] No. 7, hereinafter referred to as "the Notice"). The Notice specifies the responsibilities of the health and family planning administrative departments and medical and health care institutions at all levels and requires each district to develop an implementation plan for health care of preterm infants within its jurisdiction. According to the standards of preterm infant health care service of Beijing, all districts should establish a sound referral and consultation network for preterm infants and set up technical guidance group for health care of preterm infants. It is necessary to establish a sound system of maternal and child health information within its jurisdiction and carry out the relevant assessment work of newborn death. In addition, the Preterm Infants Health Care Publication Handbook and the Guidance for Preterm Infants Health Care Services were developed in Beijing to regulate the contents of health care services for preterm infants before, during and after hospitalization and to clarify the services process of primary health care institutions and medical care institutions. In 2018, Beijing will implement the Specification for Premature Infants Care and promote the overall improvement of health care management and service for preterm infants.