Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning Conducted Joint Supervision and Inspection of Methadone Maintenance Clinics
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


On January 25, 2018, to do a good job in methadone maintenance clinics in our city and ensure the safety of clinics, focusing on the current problems with methadone maintenance clinics, the Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the City Food and Drug Administration jointly conducted an on-site supervision in methadone maintenance clinics in our city. The content of the supervision mainly included organization management, clinic management, assurance of outpatient service safety and drug administration of the working groups of methadone maintenance treatment of community drugs in the district-level. Especially, the inspection team reviewed the progress and use of the upgrade of the outpatient monitoring and controlling system. Working groups of methadone maintenance treatment of community drugs in all districts attached great importance to the maintenance and treatment of methadone community drugs. Health and family planning commissions, public security bodies, food and drug administrations and local police stations have established good communication and linkage mechanisms. The internal management system of clinics was complete and the storage and management of methadone oral solution was in line with the management of narcotic drugs. Each clinic also rebuilt the hardware and monitoring system of medicine chambers of clinics according to the unified requirements of the city.

Some problems were found through this supervision. First, some departments of individual district-level work groups took still lacked initiative to take action. The linkage between departments still needed to be strengthened. Second, insufficient incentive in mechanism for outpatient medical staff led to great staff mobility. Third, the phenomenon of patients taking away and hiding medicine had been on the rise; Fourth, the safety of individual clinics are not in place and devices had not been enabled.

In response to the problems found during the inspection, the inspection team also proposed the following requirements. The community-based drug maintenance and treatment work of methadone is a long-term social work. Different sectors of municipalities and districts as well as areas of out-patient clinics should conscientiously perform their duties and further strengthen communication and coordination and conscientiously analysis problems among departments or between the internal and external clinic. It is required to solve existing problems in consideration of local conditions according to the different circumstances in each district. Outpatient staff should pay attention to ways of work and take effective communication with patients taking the medicine. The hardware reconstruction and renewal of monitor equipment have been completed one after another. Each clinic should use the new equipment strictly in accordance with the requirements to conduct effective administration of patients taking the medicine. Next, the municipal working group will convene several levels of meetings to address the current problems of methadone work to further standardize the construction of methadone clinics and play a greater anti-AIDS and drug control function.