Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning Researched Unpaid Blood Donation
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


On January 18, 2018, Lei Haichao, Director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, led the heads of relevant departments to conduct a special survey on the work of voluntary blood donation in Beijing and presided over a symposium.
The research group firstly went to blood collection site at Beijing North Railway Station to communicate with blood donors and medical staff in the front-line of unpaid blood donation center and nucleic acid laboratory. At the symposium, Director Lei listened to the work report and suggestions of the participating units.
Director Let said that through the field research and discussion, we were more confident about doing a good job of voluntary blood donation in Beijing. Unpaid blood donation is a social work, not a purely technical or medical work. It needs to mobilize the whole society to jointly support and participate in blood donation. All units should conscientiously strengthen the publicity of blood donation, scientifically plan the setting of blood collection and supply institutions in Beijing, effectively solve the inconvenience of blood donation service. By optimizing the settings and layout of current blood collection points, people are provided with convenient access to charity activities of voluntary blood donation at convenient locations times as well as comfortable spaces. The quality control agencies should vigorously promote standards and norms to save donated blood. We need to intensify efforts to coordinate the implementation of inter-provincial swap with the blood to solve the problem of seasonal blood supply. It is necessary to cooperate with public security organs to crack down on buying and selling blood.
Director Lei raised expectations on the blood donation work in Beijing and urged everyone to be good at summing up the experience gained in the field of blood collection and supply in Beijing. All work must be conducted with high standards and strict requirements, and should be consistent with the capital's status.
Leaders of Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning participated in the investigation. Leadership team of Beijing Red Cross Blood Center and three blood centers of Tongzhou, Miyun, Yanqing and chiefs of Quality Control Center of Blood Transfusion of Beijing, chiefs of health and family planning commissions of six districts of central city attended the meeting and reported on their work.