Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning Held a Video Conference on Prevention and Treatment of Influenza in 2018
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


On January 12, the 2018 video conference on influenza prevention and treatment was held in Beijing to implement the "2018 Notice on Doing a Good Job of Influenza Prevention and Control " (No. 1 of Plain Code Telegram [2018] send by National Health and Family Planning Commision). Infectious Diseases Director Professor Li Xingwang from Ditan Hospital was invited to elaborate on the "Influenza Diagnosis and Treatment Program (2018 Edition)". Deputy Director of the Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning Mao Yu attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Relative chiefs from municipal and district-level health and family planning commissions and the City Board of Traditional Chinese Medicine, relative staff from general hospitals, Chinese Medicine hospitals and children's hospitals of second and higher class, chiefs from some basic level medical and health institutions and mainstay doctors of respiratory, pediatrics, critical care departments of the institutions attended the meeting.

It was stressed in the meeting that we should take the perspective of ensuring the safety and stability of the capital to recognize the work of influenza prevention and control. We should give full play to the role of the medical treatment system, taking the way of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicines, to conscientiously implement the pre-screening system. The elderly, children, pregnant women, patients with key diseases and critically illness should be promptly treated. Health and family planning departments in all districts should make full use of the working mechanisms of referral, group consultation, medical alliance of specialist and tele-consultation established in the construction of medical alliance in recent years to strengthen the training on flu diagnosis and treatment for grass-roots medical staff, thus realizing the classified medical treatment and referral of patients in the medical alliance according to the diseases. Publicity should be stepped up to provide more knowledge on more effectively preventing and controlling influenza to the community.