Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning and Municipal Public Security Bureau Jointly Organized a Forum on Crackdown on “Internet Appointment Scalpers”
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


In order to consolidate the results of cracking down on "appointment scalpers" and further intensify the rectification of “internet appointment scalpers” and earnestly safeguard the vital interests of the masses, Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning and Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly organized a forum on organizing a crackdown on “internet appointment scalpers” on January 4, 2018. Chiefs from Municipal Authority of Hospitals, Beijing 114 platform for registration, Beijing medical registration platform and some key medical institutions attended the meeting.

During the forum, Municipal Public Security Bureau and Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning informed the work of crackdown on "appointment scalpers" in 2017. Municipal Authority of Hospitals conducted a working exchange on strengthening internal management of municipal hospitals. Representatives from Beijing 114 platform for registration and Beijing medical registration platform introduced some measures on how to technically prevent the "appointment scalpers" registering online. Some of the key approaches such as hospitals strengthening the management of appointments and implementing real-name treatment were promoted by medical institutions such as Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Guang'anmen Hospital of Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Peking University Third Hospital and Beijing Maternity Hospital. Attendees at the meeting agreed that in view of the characteristics of "internet scalpers" such as invisibility, low illegal costs and difficulties in obtaining evidences, we must uphold the "four forces" of crackdown by the public security organs, the management of the industrial departments, and preventing and guarding of medical and health institutions. It is requested in the meeting that in 2018, for the crackdown and rectification of the "internet scalpers", it is necessary to establish a blacklist system of "internet scalpers" shared by three sides of law enforcement agencies, the registration platform and medical institutions to achieve the joint punishment of the scalpers. Second, we should step up education and publicity on the dangers of the "scalpers" on the internet, mobilize social forces and the people extensively, and conscientiously boycott the illegal acts of "network scalpers". Third, medical institutions and related registration platform should strictly enforce the real-name registration and real-name treatment system. Fourth, we must strengthen the internal management of the registration platform and medical institutions and effectively reduce the living space of various "scalpers".