Beijing Family Planning Association Completed Assessment of Assistance Project on Special Families of Family Planning
From:Beijing Family Planning Association


From January 4 to January 5, the assessment team of special family of family planning helping program of China Family Planning Association started the project evaluation in Beijing. Led by Professor Lu Jiehua of Peking University, the assessment team listened to the reports on special work of the city, consulted the archives of the project, talked with the staff of the association in the pilot area and inspected the spiritual home base on the spot. The team also interviewed the staff of the project at district, street and village level and assisted elderly who lost independence.

Since 2012, Beijing has embarked on the exploration project of assisting model for special families of family planning of China Family Planning Association. By 2017, 8 districts of Dongcheng, Xicheng, Haidian, Fengtai, Shijingshan, Shunyi, Daxing and Huairou have participated in the project. A total of 4.79 million yuan was granted from China Family Planning Association and 12.12 million yuan was also granted for the supporting of the project area. A total of 14,406 elderly people and 9019 households were helped. Based on the need of special families of family planning in the area, more than 20 services in 4 major categories, such as old-age care, health services, recreational activities and spiritual comfort, were provided in the pilot area of the project. Taking the project as a guidance, Municipal Family Planning Association carried out warm heart plan, services of care for the elderly who lost independence and the spiritual home services and other assistance projects to provide the material support, pension security and spiritual comfort for the families which lost independence. Various kinds of services were provided according to the needs of the elderly, which has achieved good social benefits.