Beijing Family Planning Association Held the Kick-Off Meeting of Birth-Control Family Rights and Interests Safeguarding Project
From:Beijing Family Planning Association

On July 28, Beijing Family Planning Association held the Kick-Off Meeting of Birth-Control Family Rights and Interests Safeguarding Project. Directors, secretary generals, principals of project sites from family planning associations of Xicheng District, Chaoyang District, Haidian District, Fengtai District and Shijingshan District attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Zheng Hongyan, Deputy Secretary General of Beijing Family Planning Association introduced the basic background, the main goals, and work content and work procedures of the Project. The family planning associations of districts reported the preparatory work in the early stage and discussed how to conduct the next steps. Yan Jin, Secretary General of Beijing Family Planning Association proposed the requirements for the next steps, requiring that all districts and projects sites strictly implement the requirements in accordance with the specific requirements of the projects, cooperate in every step, achieve results and gain experience by conducting the projects, explore typical cases and promote them in the future work, continue to strengthen the construction of family planning fronts, give play to the characteristics of the Association and have good communication and coordination.

At the Eighth Congress of China Family Planning Association in 2016, president Xi Jinping proposed that family planning associations should do a good job in publicity and education, reproductive health counseling, eugenics guidance, birth-control family assistance, rights and interests protection and floating population services and other work. According to the above “six key tasks”, China Family Planning Association began to carry out rights protection pilot projects nationwide to raise awareness and improve the ability to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of birth-control families since 2017. As one of the first batch of the cities to conduct pilot projects, Beijing selected 300 Shidu parents in New Hope Home in Xicheng District, Sunny Flower Home in Chaoyang District, Spiritual Home Base in Xisanqi, Haidian District, Spiritual Home Base, Cheng Zhuang Road, Fengtai District, Spiritual Home Base, Bajiao Street, Shijingshan District as the service objects. Meanwhile, professional legal teams are also involved in the projects to provide a series of services including needs investigation, policy guidance, publicity and consultation and legal hotline services.