Weekly Epidemic Report (from June 10, 2019 to June 16, 2019)
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

I. Epidemic situation 
During the 24th week of 2019, there were a total of 2,518 cases of 17 kinds of legal infectious diseases reported, and 8 cases died in the city. The top five diseases with a large number of cases are Other Infectious Diarrhea, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, Influenza, Tuberculosis and Dysentery. 

II. Key epidemic situation 
According to the epidemic law of infectious diseases, cases of intestinal infectious diseases such as Dysentery, Other Infectious Diarrheal, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease continued to rise. Hand, Foot and Mouth cases are mainly children under 5 years old, and cluster disease outbreak is prone to occur in places such as child care institutions and schools. It is recommended that the institutions continue to strictly implement the morning check-up system, register absence, and strengthen the disinfection of toys, sanitary products, tableware and surfaces of facilities for activities. Parents are advised to pay attention to children's personal hygiene. If children are found to have fever, and maculopapular rash or herpes appear on his or her hands, feet and mouth or other areas, it is recommended to isolate the child, and seek medical advice in time. After the child’s physical condition has turned better, he or she can resume classes.
The cases of Dysentery and Other Infectious Diarrhea this week are mainly adults over 20 years old. Intestinal infectious diseases can be transmitted through water, food, daily contact and flies, and the citizens are generally susceptible. The citizens shall pay attention to hand hygiene, diet and drinking water hygiene. If you eat raw vegetables and fruits, you should wash them. It is advised to pay attention to the shelf life when buying any food. If you go to the beach to eat seafood, the seafood should be thoroughly cooked. In the event of gastrointestinal discomfort, the patient shall seek medical treatment as soon as possible.