Weekly First-aid Topic: Correct first-aid measures for epilepsy
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

In recent years, there are a lot of news of treating patients with epilepsy in public places. Some of the measures for treatment include pinching philtrum or the point between thumb and forefinger, opening the mouth of the patient and stuffing a towel or a spoon into the mouth, or holding the patient's convulsive body. These measures are all wrong.
Once epilepsy occurs, it cannot be stopped until the neurons stop abnormal discharging. Therefore, there is currently no way to stop convulsions except for drugs.
The patient should lie down on the side immediately to let the oral secretions flow out unconsciously. The patient should not lie flat, so as to prevent the vomit from entering the trachea and causing suffocation. It is advised to loosen the tight clothes and keep the respiratory tract unobstructed. Do not use a tongue depressor or put your fingers into the mouth of an epileptic patient during the onset of the disease to prevent bites. It is forbidden to feed water or control the patient’s limbs.
Most patients will stop convulsions by themselves after 1-3 minutes. If convulsions have not stopped for more than five minutes, it is recommended to call 120 emergency call immediately or send the patient to hospital for treatment.