Weekly First-aid Topic: Do not eat unknown wild vegetables
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

At 12:50 on June 1st, a female patient in a community in Fangshan consumed wild vegetables picked by herself. After 20 minutes, the symptoms of trance appeared and she called 120 for help. Fangshan Branch of Beijing 120 Center received the instructions and quickly rushed to the scene.
The patient's skin was dry and cheeks flushed. She was unconscious with bilateral pupil dilated. The doctors asked her detailed medical history and conducted physical examination. The patient was diagnosed as food poisoning. The doctors immediately treat her with open venous access, hydrocortisone, gastric lavage. Soon her family took the wild vegetables that the patients ate to the hospital. They searched the wild herb through mobile phone and it appeared to be white mandala leaves. The clinical manifestations of the patients were similar to those of the mandala poisoning. There was huge possibility of mandala poisoning. The emergency personnel continued to monitor and opened the green channel to send the patient to the hospital for further treatment. After examination, the mandala component was detected in the blood and urine of the patient, and the symptoms were clearly caused by acute mandala poisoning.
Here are some tips from the Beijing 120. When citizens are picking wild vegetables, they should not eat wild vegetables that are unknown and unfamiliar, so as to avoid poisoning, which may threaten one’s life. Once you have eaten the wild herb, you should call 120 immediately.