Weekly First-aid Topic: Avoiding dangers for old person living alone
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

At 2 o'clock early in the morning on the 13th, the Beijing 120 Center received a call for help. An old person said that his heart was uncomfortable and panic. He was alone at home and his children did not answer the phone. The dispatcher immediately appease the mood of the elderly and ask for the address information in order to send an ambulance. However, the old man can only tell the district and the building number, but he could not remember the name of the residential community. The dispatcher asks the elderly for the contact information of the children, and comforted the person, guided the person to tell the address, and used another phone to contact their children to obtain the exact address.
After several calls, the old person’s family was finally contacted and the situation of the patient was explained. After getting the address information, the dispatcher recommended that the family members shall go to the hospital to help the old person. However, the family members were unable to rush to the scene because they have to take care of the young children at home. The dispatcher immediately sent an ambulance to the patient’s home and informed the doctor of the special situation of the patient. The ambulance rushed to the old person’s home. After initial diagnosis and treatment, the patient was sent to the emergency doctor at hospital for further treatment. 
Here are some tips from Beijing 120. Various accidents may happen when an old person live at home alone. In order to avoid the tragedy, family members are necessary to care for the elderly and visit them very often. Families shall answer their phone in time to avoid missing the best opportunity for treatment.