Weekly First-aid Topic: Safety, the top principle for mountain climbing
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

At noon on May 11th, the dispatching center of Beijing Emergency Center received a call for help. An 18-year-old boy stepped on the air accidentally while climbing a mountain and fell off the stone steps. Sun Haiyan, a dispatching doctor collected site address information and asked to not move the patient to avoid secondary injury while appeasing the patient. Then she dispatched a nearby ambulance to the scene.
After the ambulance arrived at the Forest Park, the phone of the patient lost signal. The park has a large area and complex terrain, so it is difficult to search and rescue the injured person. The medical staff used location sharing to get their exact location by adding the patient’s WeChat account. With the help of firefighters, the patient was finally successfully found. After examination, the patient had open injury to the right lower extremity. The patient was sent to a nearby hospital for follow-up treatment immediately after initial treatment,.
Here are some tips from Beijing 120. It is advised to pay attention to safety during the mountain climbing and do things based on your physical condition to prevent falls and sprains. If you have symptoms such as chest tightness and chest pain during mountain climbing, you must rest in place and dial 120 in time and never walk around to avoid more severe symptoms.