Weekly First-aid Topic: Please listen to professional advice from emergency doctors
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

At 6 o'clock on the evening of April 7th, Beijing 120 received a help phone call for treatment due to a fall. The patient was a 50-year-old woman who accidentally stepped on the air when she was walking down the stairs, causing a sprained right ankle. She felt severe pain suddenly and was unable to move.
The emergency doctor found that the patient's right foot was deformed obviously and the dorsal artery of the foot could not be touched. Although there was no bleeding, it was judged by experience that the patient was seriously injured and immediate surgery may be necessary. The emergency personnel quickly made an external fixation with the splint and transferred the patient to the ambulance smoothly.
At this point, the patient asked to see a Chinese medicine orthopedic specialist. Taking into account her injury, timely treatment, better and faster recovery in the future, the emergency doctor suggested that patients should go to the hospital with the ability to treat the injury and check and accept treatment promptly. After repeated communication with her family, the patient agreed to accept the advice.
Finally, the X-ray and CT examination showed that there was spiral fracture combined with ligament avulsion in the patient's right ankle. It was lucky that the treatment is timely, otherwise the result could be serious.
120 center would like to remind all the readers that do not go to the doctor optionally and listen to the professional advice of the emergency doctor.