Weekly First-aid Topic: 120 treated a woman with fall injury in spring outing
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

Please pay attention to safety in spring outing. At 13:20 on the 29th, 120 center of Beijing received a call for help from a patient suffering from fall injury. At a scenic spot in Huairou District, a woman fell from the railing on the west side of the overpass accidentally when taking pictures. The bridge was 3 meters high. The family and the emergency personnel went to the side of the canal through the woods on the east side of the bridge, climbed over the guardrail, bypassed the pier and finally saw the patient. The patient was bending over on the ground, surrounded by ore and a half-meter-tall stump. The doctor checked her body immediately. The initial diagnosis was a lumbar sprain and there was the possibility of lumbar vertebrae and pelvic fractures. The injured part of the patient was fixed on site, and blood pressure measuring and other first-aid measures were conducted. The patient was lifted and fixed on a stretcher and sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.
A Tip from Beijing 120 center: It is suitable for going out for fun in the early spring season. This week is the holiday for Qingming. Please pay attention to personal safety when you go out to play. Look at the scene without taking pictures and take pictures without looking at the scene. In the event of an accident, please call 120 for help immediately.