Weekly First-aid Topic: Keep the following tips in mind in first-aid
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

1. If you are injured, you should move to a safe place first if you could, then immediately stop other movement. If you could not move, you should call for help immediately. 2. When you are helping others, do not rush to rescue them. You need to pay attention to the surrounding situation and ensure your own safety. 3. After the injury, it is suggested to move to a safe place as soon as possible before first aid. 4. The stop of heartbeat, pulse, and heaving of the chest is serious symptom. You need to send the patient to the hospital as soon as possible while doing first aid. 5. In addition to the lighter closed soft tissue injury, it is advised to call the ambulance and transfer the patient to the hospital as soon as possible in the first aid. 6. Please keep the following matters in mind while transferring the injured. (1) Patient with spine, waist and lower limb fractures must be transported on a stretcher. Before carrying the injured person, it is necessary to confirm the situation of him or her. Do not move the injured person's wounded part to avoid secondary injury. (2) For patients with cervical spine injury, a special person should be placed to hold the injured person's head during transportation. (3) For patients with spinal fractures, there should be at least 3 people carrying the patient, with one person holding the shoulder blade, one person supporting the waist, and the other person holding the lower limbs and jointly moving the patient to the stretcher. It is suggested to use a hard stretcher and the injured person should be lying on his or her back. If a canvas soft stretcher is used, the injured person should take a prone position. (4) When the injured person is suspected of having an electric shock, it is suggested to move the wire with dry wood first and then transfer to the injured person.