Weekly First-aid Topic: 120 saved a senior citizen with food choking decisively
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

At 16:58 on March 12th, Beijing 120 received an emergency call, claiming that an elderly person was choked up by a foreign body. The ambulance team rushed to the elderly quickly, opened the airway, removed the foreign body, and cleanse the oral mucus for the elderly. Finally, the elderly was saved.
Older people are more likely to be suffocated by foreign bodies. As we age, the ability to swallow food is reduced gradually. Cough reflexes often bring the food into the weasand. The full mix of food and saliva could make swallowing easier, but the saliva is reduced when people get old and the food could be easily stuck in the throat. Due to oral problems such as the loss of teeth in the elderly, the food is not chewed finely, which increases the risk of choking.
In the case of choking up, it is recommended to cough the foreign body out by yourself. If you cannot do this, you can use the abdominal impact method. First, it is suggested to stand behind the patient with the lunge posture with arms around the patient's abdomen and put the patient's head lower. Then, you should put the fist of one hand inward, place it above the navel of the patient, away from the xiphoid at the lowermost end of the sternum, and then clench the other fist, and continuously impact the patient's abdomen inward and upward. If the foreign body has not been removed, please dial 120 immediately.