Weekly First-aid Topic: Nine misunderstandings of exercise for preventing injuries
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

"Life lies in motion." However, wrong methods of exercise may lead to injuries and diseases.
1: You should control the time and intensity of square dance, which is beneficial to protect the knee joint. 
2: You should not do much shoulder exercise when you suffer from pain in shoulders. Frequent lifting exercises may increase the load on the shoulder joint, causing or aggravating the tear of rotator cuff. 
3: Exercise like "Swallows fly" and sit-ups are not suitable for the elderly. 
4: It is not advisable to exercise with high intensity and difficulty. 
5: The elderly should not climb the stairs, climb the mountain for exercise. It is easy to increase the damage to knee joint and induce knee disease. 
6: The head and neck rotating exercise should not be vigorous or there may be dizziness, nausea, vomiting, or even falling. It may cause the falling off of arterial plaque, leading to accidents. 
7: When there is an injury from exercise, it is suggested to use “cold compress first and then hot compress”. Cold compress within 24 hours may reduce the temperature inside the injured tissue, shrink the capillaries, reduce bleeding and exudation. Heat treatment after 24 hours is to accelerate local blood circulation to dissolve silt, reduce swelling and relieve pain. 
8: Do not practice with an empty stomach. 
9: It is not advisable to hold your breath while exercising. The cardiopulmonary function of the elderly is reduced. When holding the breath, the pneumothorax may occur due to the rupture of the alveoli. After holding breath, the amount of blood returning to the heart may increase blood pressure, which could lead to cerebrovascular accidents.