Weekly First-aid Topic: "Penguin step" for preventing tumbling in snowy days
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission

This week, Beijing experienced a significant snowfall, with low surface temperatures, but the outdoor temperature is above zero, which is prone to causing road icing. During the light snow on the 12th, the Palace Museum First Aid Station treated more than 10 tourists who came to appreciate the snow but slipped and injured incidentally. On Thursday, there will be an obvious snowfall, snowy road is very slippery. Citizens can learn the "penguin step" to prevent tumbling.
1. The center of gravity of the body should lean forward, and it is suggested to use all the feet to land vertically.
2. The step should be small to avoid moving the center of gravity too much. Don't walk on the ground by completely rubbing and your foot should be raised a little. The distance between the left and right feet is about 20 cm apart.
3. Walk slowly, pay attention to balance speed. Choose a rubber sole with a deeper and softer bottom. Women should avoid wearing thick-soled shoes.
The road is slippery in snowy days. Therefore, the braking distance of the vehicle should be increased. Pedestrians, drivers of cars, and riders of bicycles should pay attention to traffic safety. In the event of a fall or a traffic accident, you should call the emergency number 120 immediately.