Weekly First-aid Topic: Tips for Expectant Mothers Travelling via Train
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission


“May I have your attention, I am xx train conductor, we have got a pregnant woman about to give birth to a baby, hoping 120 to dispatch an ambulance to Beijing West Railway Station to pick her up and send her to the hospital...”this is a call for help received by the Beijing 120 Dispatching Center at early morning 3:00 January 17. As the woman was in pregnant state for over nine months expecting for a second child, and she was about to give birth a baby as bloody show appeared. The ambulance immediately hurried to Beijing West Railway Station, successfully picking up the mother-to-be at the train arrival platform and carried her to the hospital timely.

The following are the tips for an expectant mother: 1. It is beter to exam her body physically prior to the long distance travel to know about the condition of herself and the baby. 2. Avoid the crowd peak period. The station was packed with the crowd during the spring festival travel season, in which case it was detrimental to the baby’s life and health. Therefore, it is better for an expectant mother to return home earlier. 3. It is wisable to purchase a sleeper ticket. It is feasible to buy a seating ticket in the case of the short distance. It is more advisable to get a sleeper ticket for hours of travel for the sake of ensuring the safe and sound conditions of the baby. 4. Refrain from carrying heavy object and/or large-size luggage. It is a better to seek helf if you do carry. 5. Seek help from the train servicer if you feel any discomfort. Do timely seek help in case of any discomfort as it is of emergency. We have attendants in each cabin, who will come to help whenever you need. The expectant mother should follow the train attendant and accept the concerned safety testing or timely seek help from a competent traveller in the train.