Weekly First-aid Topic: 4-min prime time to rescue sudden cardiac arrest
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission


The cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR in short) is a first-aid skill which could save the life at critical moment, such that it is the very skill you must know how to perform.

Firstly, ensure the site environment to be safe before immediately come to the patient to identify his/her awareness and check the breath. Pat the shoulder of the patient with two hands and call out the patient to observe the motion of his/her chest and/or stomach with 5-10sec. Count with thousands, and it takes one second when counting once, spare 10 sec to confirm the existence of the awareness and breath.

Secondly, call the first-aid service. In the case of only you are there, firstly call the 120 or 110 telling about the whereabout and the condition. In the case of there is another person, turn to him/her call the first-aid service immediately.

Thirdly, let the patient’s airway open before compressing the chest. Raise the underjaw of the patient and lean back the head to make the airway open. Kneel down at one side of the patient, overlap your hands, and place the palm root in the middle of the two teats, lean the body forward to check the face change of the patient. Continuously and vertically compress the chest with force at the frequency of over 100 times/min and above 5cm of the compressed area. Every 30 times of compression should be punctuated with twice mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration.