Weekly First-aid Topic: Please give way to ambulance
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission


On January 6, the Beijing traffic control department imposed a penalty on a driver of a black car who did not give way to an ambulance which was carrying a patient in the East Third Ring Road. Here are a few tips for how to give way to an ambulance.

If an ambulance is coming from the opposite direction and there is no physical isolation at the center of the road, you should slow down. If the ambulance is going to turn left or borrow your lane, you should stop and let the ambulance go first.

If you are driving in the same direction as the ambulance, you should drive in each lane normally and should not change to other lanes. You are advised to slow down and let the ambulance pass by quickly. In the case of queues or traffic jams and when the ambulance is in the same lane of the rear, you should turn on the turn light and change to another lane. When there is only one lane, the front car should pass quickly or move to the side to let the ambulance pass if it is possible. Do not take the emergency lanes without special circumstances.

When you see a stop signal at the intersection and waiting for passing, the front vehicle in the same lane as the ambulance should drive through the stop line and stop at the right to ensure the safety of pedestrians and let the ambulance pass. Parallel vehicles must not accelerate, cut in line or overtake ambulance with emergency missions.

Timely avoidance makes a smooth "life channel".