Weekly First-aid Topic: Chest pain must be taken seriously
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission


Sudden chest pain must be taken seriously, whether it is heart disease or not. At 23 o'clock on November 18, Beijing 120 center received a call. An 83-year-old man suddenly became unconscious in the bathroom at home. After receiving instruction, the East Branch of Beijing Emergency Center quickly rushed to the elderly’s home and contacted his family by phone.

The patient had lost consciousness and the stoped breathing. The emergency doctor told the family to do free heart and lung resuscitation for the elderly by phone. After the car group arrived, they immediately carried out all-out rescue, but failed to save the life of the elderly unfortunately. After asking about the medical history, the old man said that he felt pain on the left shoulder and back an hour ago. The symptoms continued and could not be relieved, but no medication was taken.

Here are some tips for you. Chest pain may lead to a sense of oppression, tightness, burning or knife cutting in the chest, usually behind the sternum. The pain can be radiated to the neck, lower jaw, upper abdomen, shoulders, back, left forearm and so on. Radiation pain should be highly suspected of a symptom of sudden heart disease and the patient should be sent to the hospital promptly. If you have difficulty in breathing, chest tightness, shortness of breath and other symptoms, or emotional irritability, cold sweats, nausea and vomiting, flustered fear, the feeling of sudden death, and even blackness and fainting, you should rest on the spot and call 120 emergency center in time and avoid walking or. It is advised to take a private car or taxi to the hospital.