Weekly First-aid Topic: Three main signals of heart failure
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission



The heart acts like a "water pump" that constantly pumps blood out through the arteries to various organs throughout the body. The pumping function of the hearts of the patients with heart failure is degraded like a "ball" with reduced elasticity. When the output blood volume can not meet the needs of the body metabolism, the heart failure will occur.

1. In the early stage of heart failure, some patients often experience shortness of breath and poor physical strength. For example, exercise tolerance decreases in the near future, and many patients will be out of breath after a few minutes of activity. 2, some patients with heart failure sometimes sleep in the middle of the night, lying down will feel unable to breathe, cough, need to sit up or add a pillow to support the body to sit half-stand, breathing can feel comfortable. 3, In addition, some patients will have persistent edema, such as swelling of the feet and ankles or weight gain, I feel that even the shoes are not fit, which may also be caused by heart failure.

If you have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, you may suffer from the typical symptoms such as sudden lack of strength, out of breath when lying, and limb edema. If these symptoms occur, it is recommended to pay attention to them and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.