Weekly First-aid Topic: Calmly coping with children’s convulsions after high fever
From:Beijing Municipal Health Commission


From this time of a year, children's respiratory diseases have entered the high incidence season. Many children suffer from high fever, convulsion of limbs and unconsciousness suddenly. What is the reason for this disease?

Febrile convulsions are the most common acute convulsions in children. The prevalence of febrile convulsions in childhood is between 2% and 5%. The peak age of febrile convulsions is 18-22 months. Convulsion is often seen in many acute diseases in children. They arise from acute primary diseases and disappear with the end of the primary diseases.

If convulsions occur to a child after high fever, what should we do? 1. Let the child lie on his or her side and put a towel between the upper and lower lips to avoid biting the tongue. 2. It is suggested to conduct physical cooling and avoid excessive ambient temperature, which is conducive to heat dissipation. Do not wrap the child with too much clothes. 3. It is advised to see a doctor in time. On the way to hospital, the parents should check and control the children's temperature, keep him or her lying on the side, pay more attention to the breathing and complexion, and expose the mouth and nose to keep the airway unobstructed. 4. If the convulsion cannot be alleviated in more than 3-5 minutes or recurs in a short time, the parent should call 120 immediately and send the child to a hospital.