Weekly First-aid Topic: Electric shock injuries of children
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning



The risk of accidental electric shock increases as the growing use in household appliances. Preventing accidental injuries of children caused by electric shock mainly relies on parents to strengthen education and supervision. For example, lighters, electric heaters, rechargeable mobile phones, etc. should not be placed in places that children can easily reach. Power switch, especially the socket, should not be touched by children. Do not connect the power cord of home appliances without permission, which reduces the occurrence of electric shock.

Patients who have respiratory or cardiac arrest should be rescued at the first time. At the same time, the person around them should call 120 ambulances to send the patients to the hospital for further treatment. The rescue cannot be interrupted while sending the patient to the hospital.

There are some first-aid procedures for electric shock.

1. Immediately cut off the power. Power supply can be cut off by turning off the power switch, pulling the brakes, or removing the bolts. You can also use dry wooden sticks, bamboo poles, pole slings, plastic rods, belts, broom handles, chair backs or ropes, which are not electric conductive, to disconnect the wires.

2. Quickly move the child to a ventilated place. For those who have stopped breathing or heartbeat, artificial respiration and chest compressions should be immediately performed on site.

3. Immediately send the patient to hospital for treatment after breath and heartbeat recovery. Any change to the patient should be paid close attention to.