Weekly First-aid Topic: First-aid tips for eye injuries
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


1. If foreign matter such as dust, sand, small insects enters the eye, it is advised to close your eyes. You can use some eye drops. When there are more tears or eye drops, you can blink your eyes and the foreign body can be washed out with tears or eye drops. If the foreign body does not come out, it is advised to go to the hospital to take it out. Do not rub your eyes or blow the foreign body out, or it may increase the risk of injury.

2. If the eye is burned by chemical liquid such as acid or alkali, it is suggested to rinse it with clean water for at least 10-15 minutes, repeatedly open and close the eye, turn the eyeball as much as possible, and go to the doctor immediately after washing.

3. If the soft tissue around the eye is contused without cut, it should be cold-applied immediately with ice bag or cool towel. After 24 hours of cold compress, it can be changed to hot compress. Do not press the wound or immediately apply heat compress or it may aggravate the subcutaneous hematoma.

4. If there is laceration of eye soft tissue and no damage to the eyeball, the wound should be wrapped by clean dressing, can be sent to the doctor as soon as possible. Do not smear with hemostatic drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, toothpaste, etc.

5. If the eyeball is hit by a blunt instrument and the eyelids, conjunctiva, sclera, cornea and lens, as well as the retina, optic nerve, etc. in the back of the eye, or fractures of the tibia are hurt, it is advised to gently cover the eye with clean gauze and immediately send the patient to the hospital.

6. If the eyeball is pierced or stroked by a sharp object, causing rupture of the eyeball, it is strictly forbidden to rinse it with water or apply any medicine. It is suggested to just cover the wounded eye with a clean dressing, bandage the eyes and immediately send it to the doctor.

7. Eyeball penetrating injury should be dressed with cleansing bandage and the patient should be sent to the hospital for rescue. The patient should try to reduce breath and bumps to lessen the outflow of eye contents. Do not pull out the foreign body abruptly or put the eye contents from the wound back into the eye, or it may cause infection.