Weekly First-aid Topic: Measures for children head injures
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


Children are naughty and always easily get injured in the head. The main risk of head injuries is intracranial hemorrhage, but only a few of them can be fatal. If the head injury is very mild, there are no symptoms other than mild headache or local swelling. If the head is hit hard, a concussion may occur. Common symptoms of concussion include confusion, vomiting, inability to think of pre-existing things, dizziness and blurred vision. Severe head trauma may result in loss of consciousness for more than a few minutes or even coma. If yellow liquid or blood flow out of the child's nose or ears, skull fracture may have occured. It is advised to call an ambulance right away or take the child to the emergency department of the nearest hospital. The doctor will check the condition of the child. Cuts on the scalp require suturing to prevent continued bleeding.

First-aid measures: It is suggested to check the child’s head for any trauma and whether he or she is in danger. The most important thing is that the patient cannot be moved casually, and the child should be quickly rescued according to the following procedures. Taking the sleeping position means that let the injured person lie on his or her side and lean back to ensure the airway is unblocked. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be performed immediately if the heart stops breathing. If the scalp bleeds, it is suggested to directly compress it with gauze to stop bleeding. If blood and cerebrospinal fluid flow out of the nose and ears after the head is injured, the injured person must lie flat and the ensure that the injured side is down. That is, if the cerebrospinal fluid flows from the left ear and nose, the left side should be set downward, and vice versa. If there is a lot of bleeding in the throat and nose, it is easy to cause difficulty in breathing. The injured person should be taken to a sleeping position to make he or she easy to breathe.