Weekly First-aid Topic: A common accidental injury — fishbone stuck in throat
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


Having fishbone stuck in throat is a common accidental injury event in life. If it is not taken out in time, abscess may occur to cervical part due to foreign body infection, and then develop into sepsis. "Folk methods", such as drinking vinegar, swallowing bread, eating green vegetables, etc., may result in deeper and more fixed sticking, which makes it difficult for the doctor to take out the fishbone. Therefore, it is very necessary to learn correct first-aid measures for taking out fishbone stuck in throat.

First-aid measures: 1. First of all, it should determined whether there is a fishbone in the throat. Sometimes if you eat too fast, fishbone may scrach mucous membrane, causing the illusion of a fishbone stuck in throat. The method is to try to swallow saliva for several times. If there is obvious tingling occuring in one part and the pain is not obvious when the pharynx is still, there is a fishbone stuck in the throat. 2. When the fishbone is stuck in the throat, you should stop eating immediately and minimize the swallowing movement to relax the muscles in the throat. Then lightly cough to see if the fishbone can be discharged. 3. You can also open your mouth with the help of others and send a "ah" sound. Or you can use a small spoon to press down the tongue to find the fishbone with the help of flashlight, then using a pair of tweezers to gently pull out the fishbone. 4. If it doesn't work, it is advised to use your fingers to stimulate the base of the tongue and rush out the fishbone by vomiting. 5. If the position of the fishbone is deep and difficult to find, it is best to seek medical advice promptly. This is also the safest way. Everybody correctly master first-aid skills and reduce accidental injuries.