Weekly First-aid Topic: Do not use emetic methods when suffering from acoholism or coma
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


There is always a lot of drinking in gatherings, but there are many cases of acute alcoholism caused by excessive drinking. Due to excessive drinking, the central nervous system and respiratory circulatory system are dysfunctional. In some severe cases, many may die due to paralysis of the respiratory center.

The performance of acute alcoholism can be divided into three stages, namely excitement, ataxia and coma, which may lead to acute gastric mucosal injury and even induce acute pancreatitis and acute liver necrosis.

First-aid tips:

When a person is in the excitement period and the ataxia period of acute acoholism, he or she can induce vomiting to reduce the body's absorption of alcohol and reduce discomfort. It is also advised to eat some pears, oranges, watermelons and radishes to dispel the effects of alcohol.

If the person have already been in the coma period, a "stable lateral position" should be adopted to prevent suffocation due to vomiting. At this time, he or she can not induce vomiting or accept any oral lavage, so as not to cause suffocation. It is advised to call 120 emergency calls in time.