Weekly First-Aid Topic: 120 team jump into window to save a senior citizen
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


At 22 o'clock on July 11, Beijing 120 received a call for help from an old man. He had difficulty in breathing and was gasping. After enquiring patiently, the dispatcher learned that the old man was alone at home and was unwell. He called 120 for help. The old man was in a bungalow in Shijingshan. The dispatcher told the old man to try to open the door and wait for the arrival of emergency team.

More than ten minutes later, the ambulance team came to the address told by the old man, but did not find him. By the help of the police, the team finally found the home of the old man.

The door was locked and there was no sound. It was found that the window could be pushed open. The emergency doctor decisively jumped in the window and started to rescue the old man. The old man had a weak breath at that time and the crew of the team spared no effort to rescue him and quickly sent him to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

It is advised to care more about the elderly living alone to learn the physical condition of the elderly in time. Home camera can be used to monitor the safety of the elderly. If you find that the elderly are unwell or fall to the ground, you should quickly dial the 120 emergency call so that the elderly can get faster assistance.