Weekly First-aid Topic: Be alert to electric shocks in raining weather
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


It rains more frequently in July. Several sudden and torrential rains were unpredictable, bringing a little coolness, accompanied by dangers. In June, Beijing 120 received several accidents due to electric shock after raining.

At 5:00 pm on a certain day in June, the weather was fine after raining. Beijing 120 received a call from a village in Taihu Town, Tongzhou District. A man suffered from electric shock due to tearing down abandoned facilities without permission. When the crew arrived at the scene, the patient had been moved to the side of the road by his relatives. There was no vital sign and he died after being rescued by the crew with full blast.

Similarly, at 4:00 pm of a certain day in June, it was just raining. An adult man in a village in Yongledian Town, Tongzhou District was unfortunately hit by electricity while doing hot-line work. After the arrival of the crew, the patient had lost all vital signs and died after being rescued by the crew.

The two first-aid tasks were both received after raining, and the two men left their loved ones forever because of electric shocks and lost their precious lives. In harsh weather environment, outdoor operations have greatly increased the chance of electric shock. The general public is advised to pay sufficient attention to this and enhance their awareness of safety to avoid tragedies.