Weekly First-aid Topic: First aid and escape guidance of rainstorm and flood
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


The rain has increased in July. Today, we will present you a "First Aid and Escape Guidance of Rainstorm and Flood" to meet the needs of the times. In extreme weather such as heavy rains and floods, it is advised to avoid going out. Building residents should close the doors and windows and cut off the electrical power. If you need to go out, please pay attention to the following situation.

1. When drive in rain, it is suggested to avoid the ponding area. If you drive to a deep ponding area, do not force to drive through. The core of driving in ponding road is to control the speed of the vehicle, drive into the water area at low speed, and pass it at a constant speed. The vehicle should not be too close to another one to prevent the water from entering the engine, causing flameout.

2. Pedestrians should avoid access to electrical facilities such as high-voltage power lines and transformers. Heavy rain may cause the manhole cover to be opened and some road sections to collapse. Walking in ponding road, it is advised to carefully observe the environment. If there is a water well cover, you should carefully bypass it. At the same time, pedestrians should keep a certain distance from the high-rise buildings and be careful of falling objects.

3. When cycling, you should be far away from deep water and vehicles and do not ride in the traffic. You should ride at a higher place with a low speed. Cyclists should avoid being blocked by raincoats, affecting viewing and hearing. When the road is in bad condition, it is suggested to walk through. In addition, in residential areas with low-lying terrain, it is advised to build walls or place water retainers according to local conditions. Once the outdoor water has entered the house, the power should be cut off in time to prevent the water with electricity injuring people.