Weekly First-aid Topic: Please directly call the police when witnessing an accident on site
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


Recently, Beijing 120 received a gripping phone call. Some people were injured in a traffic accident. The one calling was not the eyewitness but the witness's colleague. He did not know the location of the accident. All these caused many difficulties for the ambulance to go for the rescue.

At 7:13 on the 12th, Beijing 120 received a man's call for help, saying that his colleague saw a traffic accident. The driver was unconscious and a child in the car was crying. Since he cannot provide the exact address, the dispatch doctor can only contact the colleague who was on the site of the accident and then confirm the address and the situation on the spot with the eyewitness and asked the witness to hold on the phone. Then the doctor immediately sent the ambulance.

The team arrived at the scene and after initial inspection, the patient had no vital signs. It is guessed that when the patient was driving, he had sudden illness and lost consciousness. The car hit the barrier and was forced to stop. The seven-year-old child in the car was safe.

Beijing 120 advised that citizens should pay more attention to health status, conducting regular physical examinations to prevent diseases. In addition, witnesses on the spot should call the 120 emergency call directly to confirm detailed information on the scene to save the time for receiving a call for help and help the center to send an ambulance to the rescue in the shortest possible time.