Weekly First-aid Topic: Be careful when operating a noodle machine
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


Recently, the Beijing Emergency Medical Center received a number of patients injured by noodle machines.

At 5:31 on June 11th, the Beijing Emergency Medical Center received a request for help from a woman, whose finger was stuck in a noodle machine. The ambulance team rushed to the scene of the accident. The entire left palm of the woman was completely swallowed by the noodle machine and her palm was stuck between the roller and the facer of the machine. It was impossible to pull out the hand and the wound kept bleeding. The woman was pale and she continued to groan with pain. The emergency personnel immediately examined her and confirmed that her vital signs were stable. When the firefighters dismantled the machine, the emergency personnel kept comforting the patient to make her relaxed and keep her mood stable.

After intense rescue, the patient's palm was successfully removed out of the machine. First-aid personnel immediately checked it and found that the bone and muscle spasm of the injured part was exposed. They promptly given hemostasis and bandaged the wound. The patient was then sent to the hospital for further treatment.

It is advised that when operating the machine, it is necessary to concentrate on it and operate it with caution. In the event of an accident, it is suggested to immediately switch off the power and dial 120 emergency call. Especially when your hand is stuck in the machine, do not try to pull it out or it may cause more serious injuries.