Weekly First-aid Topic: What should be done when infants and young children get foreign objects in their ears?
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


Infants and young children often insert stuff into their ears or other children's ears when adults are not paying attention. When children are found to have a bad spirit, sudden cry, and do not want people to touch their ears, they may have foreign objects in their ears.

If it is rice grains, beans, seeds, etc., pouring water into the ear will make them swell, which make it more difficult to remove. The self-digging may damage the external auditory canal skin and tympanic membrane or push the foreign body deep.

If insects are in the ear, don't squash it, so as not to make the insects climb deeper or even cause damage to the external auditory canal as well as tympanic membrane damage and perforation.

Moth insects can be discovered by a flashlight so that they can climb out of the light. The most effective method for most insects is to drop the oil into the ear to kill them, and then clip it out with tweezers.

If the situation is serious, it is advised to go to the hospital in time to ask your doctor for treatment.