Weekly First-aid Topic: How to rescue old people who have fallen down?
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning



How to rescue old people who have fallen down?

If the old person is unconscious, other people present should immediately call the emergency center. If there is trauma and bleeding, and bleeding should be stopped and the trauma should be bund up immediately. When the injured person is vomiting, the head of the person should be biased to one side and the mouth and nasal vomit should be cleaned to ensure smooth breathing. If there are convulsions, the person should be moved onto the leveling soft floor or soft objects to prevent collision and abrasions. If necessary, place interdental hard material to prevent tongue bites. Do not force to wrest the convulsing limbs to prevent muscle and bone damage.

If the patient’s breathing or heartbeat is stopped, emergency measures such as chest cardiac compression and mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration should be performed immediately. If it is necessary to move the patient, it should be ensured to be stable and let the patient lie low.

Others on the spot are recommended to cover the patient with clothes to keep patients warm, check their personal belongings to look for phone numbers, family contact cards or other stuff to help contact their families. Others can also go to the roadside and crossings to meet first-aid personnel to help patients to gain time.

In short, if people fall beside you, other people who do not have relevant medical knowledge and first-aid skills should not blindly lift them up. It is advised to call 120 to request professional help, which is actually a timely and effective aid.