Weekly First-aid Topic: Dangerous drunk electric bicycles driving
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


Recently, the 120 of Beijing has rescued many electric bicycles riders injured by traffic accidents. The majority of patients with accidental injuries are mildly injured. However, in some cases, the accidents are serous.

Some accidents were caused by drunk electric bike driving. At 1 o'clock in the morning on March 28th, at a junction in Xicheng District, a drunk man driving an electric bike crashed into a car, causing serious injuries. 120 crew members quickly rushed to the scene. After checking up, the patient suffered head trauma, abdominal pain with chest tightness and suspected visceral hemorrhage. The patient was sent to the hospital urgently. Although rescuing at full stretch, the doctors could not save the patient's life.

Drunk driving will lead to problems such as reduced tactile ability, decreased judgmental ability and operating ability, visual disturbances, psychological changes and fatigue. Compared with driving cars, drunk driving non-motor vehicles are more prone to causing serious traffic accidents.

Cherish your life, refuse drunk driving. Do not let accidents happen and regret afterwards.

If you have a traffic accident resulting in personal injury, please call 120 promptly.