Weekly First-aid Topic: How to avoid accidental injuries of children
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


In spring, outdoor activities for children increase and so does the risk of accidents of children. Drowning, burns, falls and traffic injuries are all injuries that can easily happen to children. Today, we would like to introduce a jingle on first aid knowledge of Beijing 120 to help children avoid accidental injuries.

Induce vomiting first to ease food poisoning and keep samples for the doctor. Fractures caused by falling must be fixed or free stretching will increase the injury.

Quickly open windows when you get gas poisoning. Conduct external chest compression if the heartbeat stops. Use cold water to ease boiling water scald and soy sauce and toothpaste are not useful.

Call for help first when you suffer a traffic accident and wait for professionals to move you. Do not try to reverse the drowning person to cough out the water first, do chest compression to save a drowning person with no breath.

Heimlich method helps you by flapping back to vomit the foreign body stuck in trachea. Animal bites should be flushed with water and timely injections can control virus from the animal.