Weekly First-aid Topic: “Four words” for stroke prevention
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


Due to the three characteristics of "high mortality, high disability, and high recurrence rate" of stroke, many people always get panic when talk about stroke. The simple and easy-to-remember "four words " helps prevent and avoid strokes.

1. The blood pressure is not low or high. The ideal blood pressure is 120/80mmHg. There is a kind of "adaptive hypertension", which refers to blood pressure rising slowly from mild to moderate to severe. The patient gradually adapts to this increase and make it a quiet "killer". Untimely antihypertensive treatment is the main cause of stroke for some patients.

2. Waistline is not thick or thin. According to studies, thick waistlines increases not only the risk of coronary heart disease but also the probability of stroke. According to the "Guidelines for Prevention and Treatment of Hypertension" in China, men's waistline should not be larger than 85cm, and women's waistline should not be larger than 80cm.

3. Diet is not fat or greasy. The diet should be low in salt, fat and cholesterol. It is appropriate to eat more soy products, vegetables and fruits and abandon smoking, drinking and other bad habits.

4. Do not be impatient. People suffer from high blood pressure should especially reduce "stress behavior". Stress refers to a series of emotional fluctuations such as sudden insomnia, overwork, mental stress, and groundless anger. The "reward center" of the brain is inhibited and the "penalty center" is stimulated. This can lead to sudden and massive release of vasoactive substances, causing vasomotor dysfunction and abnormal fluctuations in blood pressure. Stress is the most likely reason to induce stroke (especially cerebral hemorrhage). The way to avoid it is to remain calm when facing unpleasant things and not to behave in an irresistible manner.