Weekly First-aid Topic: Respiratory alkalosis
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


Recently, when a woman watched a movie in a theater, she experienced difficult breathing, looked painful and fainted. After the aid of Beijing 120, the patient's symptoms were relieved. Due to the fierce scenes, shocking sound effects and a large number of bloody scenes, the female viewer who had blood phobia could not stand the stimulus. According to the symptoms, it was initially diagnosed as respiratory alkalosis.

Respiratory alkalosis refers to a rise in pH due to a decrease in plasma H2CO3 concentration or a primary drop of CO2 partial pressure resulted from hyperventilation.

Common causes are spirituality hyperventilation, abnormal metabolic processes, hypoxic hypoxia, central nervous system disorders, and salicylate poisoning.

Common symptoms include numbness and acupuncture-like feelings in hands, feet, face, especially in perioral area, and chest tightness, chest pain, dizziness, fear, and even limb twitching, and shallow and slow breathing.

For hysteria and neurotic patients or mentally stressed and excitable persons, a larger paper bag can be used to cover the nose and mouth for re-breathing to increase CO2 partial pressure in arterial blood, stimulate the respiratory center, and introduce normal breathing.