Weekly First-aid Topic: Looking up and Raising Hands are not Correct Ways to Stop Nosebleeds Causing by Dry Weather
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


Beijing has dry climate in winter, which may lead to nosebleeds. Are ways like looking up, plugging up the nose with tissue or raising hands to stop nosebleeds useful?

The nose is composed of interpenetrating nasal, sinus and nasopharyngeal parts. Since the mouth and the nose are interconnected, looking up just changes the path of blood flow, making the blood flowing from the nostril flow back to the mouth through the nasopharynx or swallow to the stomach. There is no scientific basis for raising your hand to stop nosebleed.

Correct approaches to cope with nosebleeds include bowing down, pressing the nose to stop bleeding or swallowing blood. Then it is advised to use thumb and index finger to pinch the junction of the bone and the cartilage of the nose which is about in the middle of the nose. Pressing it for about 10 minutes may stop bleeding. If the bleeding cannot be stopped, you can put a cotton ball or tissue into the bleeding nostrils and then keep pressing the nose. You can also apply cold water bag or wet towel on your forehead and neck. If you have large volume of bleeding which you cannot handle, you should ask for medical treatment timely.

In cold and dry weather, nasal mucosa is particularly prone to get inflammation. It is suggested to keep the nose moist, do not pick the nose frequently and consume vitamins and calcium to improve the fragility and permeability of the capillary. Patients with chronic diseases should strengthen self-management with the guidance of doctors.