Weekly First-aid Topic: Correctly Dialing 120 Emergency Call
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


The help-seeker sometimes panicked when dialing the 120 and delayed their precious time. So do not get panic when dialing the 120. Please remember the following 4 points and dial the 120 emergency number correctly.

1. Patient's name, gender, age.

2. Patient’s most critical conditions such as fainting, dyspnea, bleeding and other previous related diseases at present and so on.

3. The detailed address, house number or building number, floor and room number of the spot of the patient's illness. The telephone number that can be contacted with the site should be given so that the emergency personnel can contact with the scene to help him or her. If there is a bystander, he or she need to assist the first-aid.

4. It is advised to appointed a detailed location to wait for emergency ambulance. The best choice is the nearest bus station, large intersections, large institutions, landmark entrances or eye-catching public facilities.

The callers may get panic because of the scene, giving unclear description. Please answer all the questions the dispatchers from 120 ask precisely, accurately and patiently.