Weekly First-aid Topic: The Prevention of Chilblain
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


Chilblain is a localized erythematous inflammatory skin injury caused by long-term exposure to cold conditions. Blisters sometimes occur in severe cases, and individuals with poor peripheral circulation may experience chilblain even in moderately cold conditions.

Chilblain occurs when the weather is cold and body endings as well as exposed skin are not adequately protected. Poor skin cold resistance, coupled with the cold invasion brings about vasoconstriction or spasm of blood vessels of peripheral skin, leading to local blood circulation disorders, which causes oxygen deficiency and malnutrition, giving rise to tissue damage.

Here are some special notes for chilblain.

1. Keep the house warm, reduce the time of exposure to cold environment and avoid long-standing of outdoor work in humid environments in the winter.

2. Reduce the relative humidity in the environment as much as possible and keep the environment dry.

3. It is advised to wear warm, loose, comfortable and dry clothes and cover hands, feet, ears, nose and other exposed parts of your body with gloves, cotton shoes, hats, masks and apply appropriate cold supplies.

4. When working for long hours outdoors, it is advised to rub your hands, feet and ears regularly to keep good blood circulation.