Weekly First-aid Topic: Be Alert about Six Presymptoms of Children Such as Poor spirits and Lack of Appetite
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


For parents, the worst thing is that their children get sick. Some diseases, especially digestive and respiratory diseases mostly seen in infants and young children, show some symptoms before attack. Parents should usually pay more attention to observe changes in their children and timely find the disease signal to take preventive measures. The following six situations in particular need parents’ attention.

Poor mental state is the first symptom that requires special attention. When demands are satisfied, healthy children are usually full of energy with bright eyes and no crying. However, sick children often show emotional disorders such as inexplicable continuous crying. When the child shows inexplicably crying, parents should be vigilant and do a simple body check for the child to find out the disease. Parents can also test the child’s body temperature to see if there is fever. The second symptom is decreased appetite. If a child usually has normal appetite and suddenly does not want to eat anything or shows significantly reduced or increased appetite, there may be a precursor to some diseases. Parents should promptly find out the cause. The third situation is dry stool. Normally, children’s defecation is soft. If a child shows suddenly stool dry or loose stools suddenly, it may be the sign of disease. The fourth is disturbed sleep. normal children fall asleep fast and sleep more stable. However, sick children usually cannot sleep well and easy to wake up. The sixth is bad breath. Healthy child usually has fresh breath, pink, clear and thinly coated tongue. If the child has a sour breath, white and thick coating on the tongue, red lips, more gum in eyes and lack of appetite, there is generally undigested food in body causing internal heat, which leads to indigestion.