Weekly First-aid Topic: Watch out for Low-temperature Burns When Using Warm Paste
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


Although the temperature is not high, attaching warm pastes or hot water bags to the body too closely for a long time can also cause burns.

Low-temperature burns are caused by prolonged contact with objects at temperatures above 45 ° C. When get a scald, one should immediately rinse the wound with cold water, or apply a cold towel on it. If there are blisters, do not pierce it by yourself. It is recommended to cove the blister with a clean gauze for protection. If the blister is too big, it will affect moving and is easy to be ruptured, which may cause infection. It is advised to use a needle (sterilized with alcohol or burning) to pierce the bottom of the blister and slowly release the liquid. You should keep the epidermis for protection and seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Do not believe in local remedies to apply soy sauce or toothpaste on your wound, or it will be easy to contaminate the wound, causing difficulties in doctor’s treatment and even infection.

Hot water bag should be placed at a distance of 10 cm from feet. It is recommended to take it out when sleeping. People with diabetes, those who have peripheral sensory nerve retardation and infants are not advised to use hot water bags. Do not apply warm paste directly on the skin. If you feel uncomfortable endure, it should be promptly removed from your skin to avoid low-temperature burns.