Weekly First-aid Topic: Heimlich Maneuver: A Hug for Love
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


Recently, in a restaurant in the United States, a diner was suddenly choked and began coughing desperately, showing symptoms like breathing difficulty. Squeezing neck with his hands and beating his chest, he looked extremely painful. An off-duty police officer sitting nearby noticed it and immediately went to hug the man from the back and squeezed his abdomen. The policeman successfully squeezed the food out of the trachea by the squeezing air trapped in the abdomen. The diner was out of danger in time. This approach is called Heimlich abdominal impact method.

If a patient inadvertently inhaled a foreign body, he or she is advised to discharge the foreign body through coughing. If it is not effective, abdominal impact method should be taken.

First, you should stand behind the patient and take a lunging position. Then put your arms around the abdomen of the patient and make him or her head down. Subsequently, put one of your fist inward on the patient's navel, away from the xiphoid at bottom of the sternum and make the other hand a tight fist. At last, impact the patient's abdomen continuously inwards and upwards until he or she coughed out the foreign matter. If not effective, you need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.