Weekly First Aid Topic: How does the senior ask for help when falling ill at home?


When the senior fell ill at home, how could they ask for efficient help immediately ?

Family members should call emergency number 120 when the senior at home felt ill with emergency syndromes e.g. terrible headache, dizzy, emesis, hematemesis, haemoptysis, precordial pain, facial deviation, hemiplegia, fallen-down and incontinence. The senior falling ill had better to stay there and wait for the first-aid personnel.

Some simple treatments can be done by family members according to the emergency syndromes of the senior. If the sick had emesis or hematemesis, the vomit and gore should be cleaned without delay. Turn his head over to side when the senior lays down to avoid of being choked on spit-up or vomit. Take Suxiao Jiuxin Pill or nitroglycerol under the tongue if the senior suffered from obvious precordial pain. Meanwhile, family members can prepare the treatment records, medicine taking in current period, ID, Social Insurance Card, cash or bank cards. When the ambulance arrives, according to nearby principal, take the senior to the closes hospital to receive treatment.